What’s New in the Organizing World? – Part II

So I had hoped to post Part II a little sooner but they products and services are still worth mentioning.   Last Monday,  I attended the National Association of Professional Organizers, Washington, DC (NAPO-WDC) meeting.  The meeting topic was “What’s New?”.

The “What’s New?” meeting shared products and services the “show & tell” format.  Manufacturer’s donated samples(s) to share their latest & greatest product or service.  The samples were given away to chapter members as door prizes.

Here is the Part II run-down of the products and services shared.

time-timerTime Timer – Don’t we all wish we could create more time. What if we think about how are we actually spending the 24 hours we have in a day? Like most other things, when you measure time or set limits, you are likely to accomplish more. The Time Timer can help solve time perception problems at all ages and time telling ability levels. The graphic face gives you a visual understanding of time elapsing. Set the timer for the desired amount of time. When the Time Timer‘s colored portion disappears, you are out of time and an audible alarm sounds. (1) 8″ Time Timer and (1) 3″ Time Timer was given away at the meeting = up to $65 value combined.
Time Timer

recipenest2Recipe Relish – The first new thing I have seen in ‘cook books’.  What amateur cook has not pulled a recipe from a magazine or printed one from the internet?  We end up with recipes of all shapes and sizes, some single sided, others two sided.  The Recipe Nest enables you to keep all of those recipes in an organized manner.  It has been designed to not only be a recipe storage device, but it’s built-in easel holds the recipe you are cooking/baking wipes clean.  When you are done, tuck the recipe back inside in the appropriate category and the Recipe Nest neatly stacks on your bookshelf.  The Recipe Nest comes in colors to match any kitchen.   Recipe Relish donated (1) Recipe Nest as a door prize = $38.95 value.

Family Facts- I met Family Facts creator Pam Socolow shortly after starting my organizing business Put It Away!.  Turns out Pam is a cousin of a close friend.  I became aquainted with Family Facts when the product line was just in it’s early stages.  The Family Life Organizer & Planner’s popularity spawned an entire line different organizing binders.  They include Family Facts On The Go, Family Facts Pregnancy Planner and Family Facts Wall Calendar.   The Family Facts line provides tools to help you manage your personal information and achieve harmony and balance.  Pam kindly donated (1) Family Facts Wall Calendar, (1)Family Facts On The Go & (1) Family Facts Peace of Mind Organizer = combined value of close to $48.

Have you had experience with any of these products?  We would love to hear your comments below.

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