What's New in the Organizing World – Part I

Tonight I attended the National Association of Professional Organizers, Washington, DC (NAPO-WDC) meeting.  The June meeting has always been very popular.  In the past, the June meeting was titled “My Favorite Things”.  NAPO-WDC Chapter members brought their favorite things and shared them in a “show & tell” format.  This year things were changed up a bit and the meeting was renamed “What’s New?”.

The “What’s New?” meeting shared the “show & tell” format.  What made this meeting different is manufacturer’s could share their latest & greatest product or service.  The manufacturers donated a sample(s) to be given away to chapter members as door prizes.

Here is a run-down of the products and services shared tonight, Part I.

Who doesn’t like roll out shelving?  Shelf Improvement states only four screws are needed to install a Shelf Improvement roll out shelf.    Their roll out shelving comes in various sizes.  The cost is $79 +$10 shipping regardless of the size ordered.  One roll out shelf was given away = $89 value.

ClearlynotedClearly Noted – A new line of greeting cards designed by Pittsburgh Certified Professional Organizer®, Jill Revitsky.  I met Jill in 2005 and was very impressed with her.  That is why I was not surprised by the premier product Jill recently launched, Clearly Noted. Clearly Noted Cards are meant to encourage, motivate and congratulate anyone who is on a journey to a simpler and more organized lifestyle.  Great product for every professional organizer to keep on hand.  Jill donated a six pack of Clearly Noted cards as a door prize = $15.30 value.

OK, admit it.  We all have a shoe box of photos, at least one.  Oh, so yours is in a pretty ‘photo box’.  Most of the boxes sold as ‘photo boxes’ do nothing to preserve the quality of your photos.  Philadelphia based, SaveMyPix.com offers economical, professional digital transfers of your precious memories for easy viewing.  They offer scanning of photos, transfer of slides, negatives and video to DVDs.  Owners Maxx & Monica Messinger donated (2) ScanMyPix.com prepaid boxes = $149 value each.

brother-pt-1230Label makers are an organizers best friend.  Brother is a leader in label makers.  Their newest product is the PT1230.  This label maker uses the familiar TZ tape.  It hooks into your PC’s USB port and operates off of Plug & Label technology.  Uses your PC’s keyboard and monitor.   Unlike other label makers in the PT line, the PT1230 enables you to print True Type font and logos.  There is no software to download to your computer.  When you are done, turn the PT1230 off and there is no software left on your computer.  One lucky NAPO-WDC member won a PT1230 as a door prize = up to $49.99 value.

Check out these products and stay tuned for What’s New in the Organizing World – Part II.

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