Our goal is to increase your overall productivity and reduce wasted money.
  1. By reducing clutter and streamlining processes, you spend less time searching for lost or misplaced items, pay less penalties, late fees, and finance charges and have less missed events.
  2. Our services can help you reduce not only your clutter but also the accompanying stress.
  3. We can help you find more time for you in your day, find time to focus on the things you enjoy and make you smile.

What to expect when contacting Need Another You.  

Step 1:  Complete our contact form indicating your needs.

Step 2:  We will contact you and schedule a live complimentary phone consultation.  This is a real scheduled appointment.

Step 3:  During the phone consultation, we will walk through your organizational or productivity challenges.  We will analyze the flow of your day and your environment.

Step 4:  We schedule a live in-person appointment where we “roll up our sleeves” and dig into your challenges.

Step 5:  We will help implement a personalized plan to better manage the flow of your day and your space by making small manageable changes.

Step 6:  We will make recommendations for tools that can enhance your productivity and help make your life and space more organized.

Step 7:  We will help you create a plan for maintaining your improved environment and life.

We understand that everyone is different and has unique challenges.  We carefully observe each client and ask a lot of questions.  We find clients who are open, honest and upfront have the greatest satisfaction level because we are able to customize processes designed for their habits and ways of thinking.