Confessions of a Certified Professional Organizer® | Nobody’s perfect

It is not what you think…. This post is not about the crazy things and situations I encounter in client’s homes and businesses. This is a true confession, a personal confession.

I am not perfect! Yup, that is right. I am not perfect.

I can only imagine my mother’s gasp, if she reads this. (Love you, Mom. I give you credit for trying to make my life perfect. It helped in many ways.)

It's Ok to fabulous and flawed.

  1. I don’t believe that perfect exists. So, if you thought that all Certified Professional Organizers®  were striving for perfection, BOOM! Myth blown!
  2. I don’t ever expect perfection from my clients. When they reach out to me for help, it is an admission that their systems are not achieving their desired results, and you are looking for change. Right? I mean doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results has often to been attributed to Albert Einstein as his definition of insanity. However, I do expect my clients to make changes to ensure progress (SO different from perfection) and achieve their desired results.
  3. Even the best-laid plans, can go awry. For everyone, even folks who make a living working in the organizing and productivity field,  best intentions fail. Failure gives us a starting place to grown and improve.

Can you imagine a world were everything and everyone was perfect? How boring!!!!

So, cut yourself some slack. As humans, we are not designed to be perfect. If you are looking for improvement, consider what areas in your home, office or life could use an upgrade and start implementing small tasks to progress forward. Celebrate the baby steps. In almost all cases, babies learn to crawl, walk, and then run. Start crawling and you will be up and running in no time. 

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