Organizing Your Linen Closet

What does your linen closet look like? Are there towels, sheets and blankets just tossed in? Do you keep reusing the same sheets, they go from the bed to the laundry, back to the bed? If this is you, you are not alone. Below are pictures of a small linen closet we organized. There were w-a-y too many sheets and towels for the number of beds and bathrooms.

Pulled from linen closetOrganized Linen Closet

Our guideline is up to three sets of sheets per bed and up to three sets of towels per person. This allows for the one in use, the ones in the laundry and a spare set for emergency. We used Shelf Dividers but hung them upside down to prevent the stacks from tumbling over.  We also used the FlipFold® to keep everything the same size.

If you have towels that are used to mop up leaks or spills, store those with the extra blankets and comforters on the top shelf or that spot that hides behind a wall.

Wondering what to do with the sheets, towels and blankets you no longer need? If the sheets and towels are in pristine shape, you know the ones you bought that are just a shade off? You can donate them to a shelter. If they have a little wear but are still usable, the local animal shelter is happy to take them. If they are completely worn out or have stains, check with your local county/city recycling program. Many recycle textiles. Any of these manners of disposal will prevent adding them to our landfills.

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