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Can you believe it is almost back to school time?

While you are creating your list of back to school items, look through your home first. Do you already own any of the supplies on the back to school list? Did you find items that you bought in the past but realized that you don’t need?

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There are many charities that collect school supplies for those less fortunate. I donate often to The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF). NCCF runs shelters and programs in Washington, DC and Maryland. They help homeless families, at risk youth and provide assistance for battered women and children. The children who live in these shelters go to the local public schools. Many of their school friends do not know that they live in a shelter. I am certain these types of programs and accommodations are in your community as well.

You can help these children have the supplies they need by donating those unused notebooks, glue, colored pencils, etc that you overbought in the past. Additionally, Office Depot. Staples, Walmart and other big box discounters are currently offering amazing savings on back to school items. Many items are being offered for $.25 or $1.00. Then there are the buy one, get one free offers. If your child only needs one, put the free one in a bag for the children in the shelter.

Here is the back to school wish list from NCCF. I am sure charities in your area are looking for many of the same items. You can help make a difference in a child’s life by cleaning out your own home and picking up some new supplies at little or no cost. Start looking how you can help a family out today.

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