When do you organize your groceries?

Over the past two weeks, I got involved in a social media conversation about organizing your groceries.  I think most would agree that organizing your groceries as you put them away makes a lot of sense but how do you feel about organizing groceries while still at the store?

I believe the conversation first started by this card Geralin Thomas posted on Facebook.  The Facebook post garnered 155 Likes, 49 Comments and 41 Shares.  It also created a multi-day dialogue on Twitter.  Comments included everything from cashier insensitivity to “my cashiers rock!” to “I go to self-checkout for this exact reason.”  There were many (including myself) that as this “card” states, place our items on the conveyor belt exactly as we would like them bagged.

In Montgomery County, MD (my home county) and in neighboring Washington, DC, we are charged a fee for not using our own bags.  Not only do I bring my own bags, I am a fan of Tote Buddy.  Tote Buddy neatly holds piles of reusable bags, helping you declutter and stay organized for every shopping trip.  My conveyor belt organization, grocery list and coupon organization along with my Tote Buddy, bag organization has caused some cashiers to stop and take pause in amazement.    To the point that, they have asked me for information on how to purchase a Tote Buddy.

Tote Buddy

Maybe it is just the cashiers at my local Harris Teeter but I find that when the cashier is observant and sees the effort you have put in to organizing your purchases, they try bag it accordingly.  My items are placed on the conveyor belt based on where they go once they are brought in to the house.  All of the cosmetics that go to the bedrooms in one bag, all of the laundry and cleaning supplies that stay in the basement in another bag, dry food stuffs in another and the normal refrigerated and freezer in another.    I kinda thought that this was normal but this conversation has told me that apparently it is not.


I have read comments that some go as far as freezer goods go in one color bag, dry goods in another color, produce in another.  Do you organize your groceries while still at the store?  How far do you go?  I’d love to hear your comments below.





  1. I totally organize my groceries so they’re bagge in groups. I thought everyone did. haha. No I didn’t. I don’t get mad at the bad baggers though because, hey, what’s the point. They don’t know any different. And they’re usually guys who would never think of such a thing.

    1. Thanks for the comment Allison. Funny, I thought everyone did too until the cashiers started commenting on my anal retentiveness. Well, they referred to it as my organization. I only get annoyed when I make the effort to place it in order and then they go mix it up. : /

  2. I totally do this – all of the dairy items together, fruits & veggies, etc. I use my Tote Buddy or my Chico Bags, and I have a great cooler bag from Ikea that I use when I have to drive more than a half hour. I’m pretty clear with the baggers that I would like things grouped but most of them know me by now. I’m not sure if it is as the ‘really efficient and prepared grocery lady’ or as the really annoying and anal grocery lady’ but either way at least when I get home, it is much easier to put everything away.

  3. I’m so OCD about my groceries. I started shopping at a grocery store where customers bag their own groceries so I can bag them how I want!

    1. Kim Oser

      Isn’t it funny the things we get hung up on… I am with you Holly. Bagging it just right saves me a lot of time when I get home and no crushed berries, bread or anything else. = )

  4. Ladies, I’m late but let me chime in: In Florida, strategic placement of groceries on the belt is the difference between dinner and rotten seafood – because even with a bag of ice and an insulated bag, just getting the stuff through the parking lot and then loaded into my 120 degree car takes 15 minutes and then the dash home and unloading – so I really, really care how the stuff is grouped and packed. We don’t have self-serve grocery check out here (at least not in my hood) so yeah, I’m probably known as the picky lady with the carefully folded assortment of NAPO conference bags and a Tote Buddy.

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