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Boy, have things changed in the 25 years since I started my freshman year in college. Below, I highlight 5 products I would have loved to have had in the college dorms. Now, I will tell you that I was very organized and creative in college. My freshman year I lived in the dorms. I creatively (and likely dangerously) lofted my bed. My and my roommates desks were tucked underneath. The dorm walls were concrete but I used concrete nails to attach a milk crate to the wall up by my lofted bed. I had my alarm clock and a stuffed animal in the crate. I had a tissue box stored on top. The nails fell out from time to time and the crate landed on my bed but I’d just nail them back in.

      1. Text messaging – so, our version of text messaging Axis_biomass_white_board[1] (1)was using a whiteboard affixed to our dorm room door with double face tape. Yup, double face tape. And not the type of whiteboards that are used to today. We didn’t have removable whiteboards like this one from Wallmates. I often wonder how different things would 61JkzfwL4OL._SL1500_[1]have been if I had text messaging while in college. It is so easy to connect with folks and coordinate plans. I am not a fan of text messaging for replacing talking live or face-to-face communication but love it for short communication.
      2. CommandTM strips If you haven’t tried these little gizmos, stop where you are!  Click on this video to see just what you are missing.  No more need to shove toothpaste in PicMonkey Collage1nail holes when you move out.  Toothpaste, you ask?  Yes, that is what we did to cover holes from pictures,. hooks, etc.  Buying spackle and a putty knife would just have been too difficult.  Command strips come in a huge variety of hooks, picture hanging strips, bins, you name it.  You install the supplied strips to the wall and piece that you are hanging.  When you need to remove them, just pull down on the strip attached to the wall and they should easily remove leaving the walls damage free.  Pretty cool!  I have them all over my house.  
      3. Little Black Dress– Every girl needs a little black dress that you can dress up or dress down. I had one or two in college but I didn’t have theLittle Black Dress“. This nifty little jewelry organizer takes up almost no space in the limited closet space available. Not only does it not take up much space and keep your jewelry organized but it also camouflages your jewelry storage. Toss a blazer or jacket over top and it blends in among your clothing. When I was in college they didn’t provide room safes for your valuables. I don’t believe they do now either. Wouldn’t it be great if they offered the in-room laptop safes like they do in hotels. The Little Black Dress comes in black but also some other colors.
        PicMonkey Collage
      4. Single cup coffee maker – I believe coffee is more popular now among young people than it was 20 years ago.  I feel in love with coffee in college.  I like to sleep til the very last minute so I had no time to go to the dining hall for coffee.  The coffee in the dining hall was like brown water anyway.  They did have a coffee place in the Student Union.  I had a morning class one day at the Union.  I’d wake up early that day to get my treat.  I’d would have loved to have had a single serve coffee maker.  Imagine – starting the coffee maker before showering and enjoying a hot cup of coffee while getting ready.  Mmmmm!  BTW- I am not a fan of Keurig.  I find most coffee made for their machines are weak and tasteless.  Plus, I don’t like all of the plastic waste.  A single serve coffee maker makes better coffee, the machine and coffee is less expensive and less waste.  Win, win!
      5. Tablet computer – Ah, a tablet computer.  When I was in college, I was fortunate enough to have a  Tablet computercomputer in my  dorm room. No signing up for time in the university’s computer lab.  I had a full functioning computer that took up 3/4 of my desk rather than just a portable word processor.  I could save my files to a 5 1/2″ floppy disk so I could go back and edit them before printing them to my dot matrix printer.  I had to load Word Perfect from a 5 1/2″ disk to get the program started.  We worked from DOS.  We had no Windows or Mountain Lion, no icons.  We used commands to tell the computer what we wanted it to do.  Laptops and tablets have changed so much about how papers are done in college.  Not only can you work on them from anywhere, you can store your documents in the cloud.  You can easily transfer files from your phone, computer, tablet.  You can even print the document wirelessly from your tablet and when you are done, just tuck the 1.5 to 3 pound tablet back in your bag and go about your day.  

What do you wish you had in college? We’d love to hear.

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