5 Things I Wish I Had in College

Boy, have things changed in the 25 years since I started my freshman year in college. Below, I highlight 5 products I would have loved to have had in the college dorms. Now, I will tell you that I was very organized and creative in college. My freshman year I lived in the dorms. I creatively (and likely dangerously) lofted my bed. My and my roommates desks were tucked underneath. The dorm walls were concrete but I used concrete nails to attach a milk crate to the wall up by my lofted bed. I had my alarm clock and a stuffed animal in the crate. I had a tissue box stored on top. The nails fell out from time to time and the crate landed on my bed but I’d just nail them back in.

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What do you wish you had in college? We’d love to hear.


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