Tired of losing your trash can? ~ Tip Tuesday

Please tell me I am not the only one who lost their outdoor trash can or lid?  If you have ever had your trash can or lid blow away or roll away, you know how frustrating it can be.  How long should I go before giving up and replacing the can?  The lid is gone… do I have to replace the whole can or can I make do without a lid?  Where did it go?  Hey, that looks like my can in front of the neighbor’s yard!  Does this sound like you?

We have been in our house close to 20 years and we are only on our 2nd outdoor trash can.  Did I just say that out loud???  Maybe I should knock wood.  The first one went to its grave after a hole in the bottom and a mangled lid.    It was a plastic round can.  I learned three  things from that can.

  1. Never buy a round can.  They roll.  They roll away from your driveway and yard.  They roll in front of cars…
  2. Buy a can with wheels.  Trash can get heavy.  If you drag your can without wheels down the driveway enough times, the bottom falls out. Amazon.com  United Solutions Rubbermaid 45 Gallon Wheeled Rectangular Trash Can  Evergreen  Patio  Lawn   Garden
  3. Label your can.  Label your can AND label your lid.

When I replaced the can, I bought a rectangular/squarish shaped one on wheels.  Many manufacturers now sell trash cans with lids hinge attached.  This in theory is a great idea.  However, if you have small garage there is no room to open lid while in the garage.  That was the situation in our case.  We also labeled the can and lid.

Now when the can blows away we can identify it.  Numerous times I have found the lid and the can in two different locations.  There has been more than one time when my lid was returned to my house a week after it went missing.  BTW – my neighbor and I have the same can.  Her handle and lid is broken.  I am glad mine has been labeled so I don’t end up with the broken can.

There are numerous ways to label your can and lid.  Many cans have a spot for you to label your can.  I believe that space is too small.  I like to be able to identify my can by driving by or seeing it from a distance.

  • The most basic way to label is using a big fat Sharpie.  They are water and fade resistant so it lasts for years, likely the life of the trash can.
  •  Use vinyl outdoor stickers.  May sure your numbers are at least 2 inches in height.   They are available online, in hardware stores and craft shops.
  • Paint or stencil.  This requires the most supplies and clean-up but I find it is the method most commonly used.

Let us know.  Do you label your trash can?  Do you feel a labeled trash can saves you time, money and aggravation in the long run?  Do you have other suggestions for labeling your trash can?  Please share!

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