How to organize almost anything – Step 1

So I’ve shared the four basic steps to organizing almost anything

junk drawer

  • Empty
  • Sort
  • Purge
  • Replace

In this plan, we are aiming for organized and good enough. We are not talking about buying any supplies (other than a trash bag, a recycle bin and a shopping bag to hold donations). In this project we are not running out and buying label makers and pretty bins. We are aiming for better and good enough, increased function not perfection.

Let’s attack the easiest one. It always helps to start off with something easy to get you rolling.


I doesn’t matter what you are organizing you need to start with a clean slate. Let’s say your organizing a drawer…. find an EMPTY spot on the floor, a countertop, a desk and remove all of the contents of the drawer. All of them, no really everything. If you find any obvious trash, go ahead and toss it. You can do a general sort now grouping similar item but don’t worry we will handle sorting in detail in step 2. If you are using the floor to EMPTY the drawer, you may want to lay down a piece of cardboard, a trash bag or newspaper first especially if you are EMPTYing a desk drawer. Desk drawers are prone to having leaky pens and we don’t want to get ink on your hardwoods or carpets. Remember to only EMPTY one drawer. We will go through all 4 steps with each drawer before EMPTYing the next drawer.

EMPTYing is the same if it’s a closet. Pick a section, a wall, the floor, just shoes or belts. EMPTY everything out of that section. That is it. Told you this step was easy.

Stay tuned for step 2 – SORT. That is where the real fun begins!

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