Stay Focused to Get More Done

Are you ever looking to get something done but keep getting interrupted by external sources?

If those interruptions are caused by wandering to other websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even email), try StayFocusd.

Stay Focusd

Nuclear OptionStayFocusd is a free Chrome browser extension that you set to limit how long you spend on time-wasting websites.  You choose the websites you block, the days of the week and the amount of time you are blocked from those sites.  It also has a “Nuclear Option”.  If you need to sit down and get things done, you can click on the StayFocusd browser extension and “nuke” all the sites you have chosen to block.  If you attempt to access one of the blocked sites, you are prevented from accessing the site and receive an error message “Shouldn’t you be working?”.

shouldnt you be working

find it really effective in keeping you productive and focused.  Check it out!  

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