Keep Your Holiday Travel Organized With Mobile Apps

December 12th, 2015

Join me and my friend and colleague, Deb Lee on  December 14, where we will sharing our favorite travel apps to keep you organized for holiday travel.

We will discussing apps for last minute airfare and lodging, tracking flights  – gates, locating lounges, alerts for friends picking you up,  finding  and connecting to wi-fi while traveling, getting around once you get there – driving, biking, parking, subway, packing, finding the best bathrooms along your road trip, cheapest gas prices, roadside assistance, expense tracking and finding the best things to do and the best times to visit attractions, finding place to and tracking your exercise. Lots and lots of good information. Join us!

Keep Your Holiday Travel Organized with Mobile Apps

Not familiar with Blab? It is easy. Just follow this link and you will be all set to watch. Login to chat with us during the blog. You can even ask to take the hot seat and appear on camera with us.

Want a recap of the resources we’ve shared? Let us know.


Get Prepared for Winter – Car emergency kit essentials

December 14th, 2009

Do you have a “winter car-emergency kit“? Many of these items are good to have in your car year round but now is the time to check your supplies.  This is a must before you hit the roads for the holidays.

Your kit could include

kitty litter or sand – stop spinning your wheels, sprinkle some kitty litter/sand for tire traction on snow and ice

a shovel or at minimum an ice scraper- there are some great fold-up shovels and gloves with scrapers built-in

Warm clothes – they call it a glove box for a reason.  No room in there? Grab a sturdy plastic container and toss in a spare set of gloves, a hat, sturdy boots, and a warm jacket.

Blankets to keep warm inside the vehicle (I keep one in my car year round, comes in handy for a picnic or to watch the kid’s baseball game).

Flashlights and extra batteries – if your battery dies at night, you have no interior or head lights

First aid kit – toss in a few of your necessary medications in case you are stuck on the road

Food – I  keep a few packs of nuts and some Luna bars, vacuum packed ready to eat tuna salad, snack sized apple sauce.  If you get stuck, you don’t know how long you may have to wait for help.

Water- bring enough for each person in your car and any pets

  • AM/FM radio – rechargeable or battery-operated to listen to traffic reports and emergency messages
  • Charged cell phone – charge your cell phone before hitting the road.  Don’t rely on your car charger to charge while you are driving.  If your battery dies, unless you have a charged USB charger, you have no way to charge your cell phone.

Here’s wishing you safe and happy travels!

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