Keep Your Holiday Travel Organized With Mobile Apps

December 12th, 2015

Join me and my friend and colleague, Deb Lee on  December 14, where we will sharing our favorite travel apps to keep you organized for holiday travel.

We will discussing apps for last minute airfare and lodging, tracking flights  – gates, locating lounges, alerts for friends picking you up,  finding  and connecting to wi-fi while traveling, getting around once you get there – driving, biking, parking, subway, packing, finding the best bathrooms along your road trip, cheapest gas prices, roadside assistance, expense tracking and finding the best things to do and the best times to visit attractions, finding place to and tracking your exercise. Lots and lots of good information. Join us!

Keep Your Holiday Travel Organized with Mobile Apps

Not familiar with Blab? It is easy. Just follow this link and you will be all set to watch. Login to chat with us during the blog. You can even ask to take the hot seat and appear on camera with us.

Want a recap of the resources we’ve shared? Let us know.


New roads to navigate!

May 22nd, 2015

Kim Oser joins NAPO Board of Directors

Are you prepared for death and dying?

November 14th, 2014

Filing cabinet, death dying
It is a topic we don’t like to talk about but the conversation is so important. What are your wishes should you no longer able to make decisions for yourself? What types of heroic measures do you want to be taken to sustain your life? Who can make decisions for you? Who can handle your financial responsibilities? What happens to your things, physical as well as money? How about your property? Do you have a Last Will & Testament? A Durable Power of Attorney? A Medical Power of Attorney? How about an Advanced Medical Directive or a trust?

If you said no to any of these, I strongly suggestion getting one now. It is the best gift you can give your loved ones. If you said yes, congratulations you are ahead of the game. Now, the big question is… do you know where the documents are stored and most importantly, do the people who would need the documents know where to find them?

This set of documents can prevent a delay in getting you life saving care. They can take away your loved ones pain during a very painful time. It can help your loved ones make sure you get treatment based on your choices and they can help avoid family feuds based on your care and your estate.

Here is a downloadable form that includes the most common articles and indicates where they are located. Feel free to enter your information, save it and share with your loved ones so your wishes are always conveyed.

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File what? How to eliminate paper with “FileThis”

September 17th, 2014

I am often asked “how can I easily get rid of papers that enter the house?”  My first question is “what types of papers come in to the house?”  The typical answer is mail, bills, statements, etc.  The logical response is stop them from coming in to the house.  I mean, stop the physical papers.

File This Paperless Made EffortlessYears ago, I heard of a service called “File This Fetch”.  It is now called “FileThis“.  Not sure why they dropped the fetch but the service is the same… actually it continues to get better.  The gist of FileThis is you sign up for the service, connect your accounts (utilities, financial statements, pay stubs, etc) and File This fetches your statements and bills.  It then files them in a location you designate.  I will let you read about the security of sharing your log-ins.   I am not concerned about the security.  I have been sharing my logins with reputable sites like Quickbooks and Mint for years.  FileThis enables you to stop receiving the paper statements and bills and still keep them organized.

I was recently asked a bunch of questions about FileThis.  I figured many others may have these same questions.  Check it out.  See if FileThis could help you reduce the amount of papers that enter your home and helps you keep the documents more organized. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Ways Professionals Can Transition Back to School

August 13th, 2014

We are at that time of year when we go from summer mode to back to school mode.  For children, this means new routines, new surroundings, new clothing and supplies.  It is the perfect time for adults to change things up, become more efficient, and change how we deal with the papers that come home with our children.

      1. Change your surroundings.

        Hopefully we have designated a drop area for the children’s backpacks and homework area that is free of distractions.  This is a perfect time for adults to re-evaluate their office space/work area.  Is your current set-up allowing you to be most efficient?  Is your space set-up in a way that allows you work and access necessary supplies without having to get out of your chair or leave your office?  If not, move things around.  It could be as simple as switching the location of your computer on your desk to rearranging all of the furniture or a new coat of paint.  Tip: measure your space and furniture before moving it to make sure it will fit in a different location.

      2. Create a family calendar.Back to School

        This could be either a paper calendar that hangs in a central location where everyone can see it or a digital calendar that family members can sync to on their phones, mobile devices (iPods) or computers.   As events that concern the entire family or specific family members arise, add it to the calendar.  This could include doctors and dentist appointments, practices, meetings, family dinners, etc.  Get family members in the habit of checking the family calendar before asking to make plans. I prefer a digital calendar because it can be updated and viewed from any web enabled device or computer.

      3. Scan papers.

        Neat MobileHow many times have you been looking for a paper that was sent home with your child and you are searching and searching and searching? If you work outside of the home, there is often time you need information that is either on the countertop or in a file at home.  Scan all of those papers that come home with your children.   Any handouts you receive at back to school night, team rosters or schedules, scan those too.  You can either scan them using a desktop or travel scanner or use the Neat Mobile App.  Automatic upload to Neat Cloud makes the documents easily accessible from anywhere on web-enabled devices or computers.    You can create an online folder based on the child’s name or the name of the school or team.  Searching for documents on Neat Cloud is much quicker and more efficient than searching for paper files.

      4. Upgrade your supplies or equipment.

        Before school starts, most schools or teachers provide a list of suggested supplies.  Often times, this is the time of year we start off with new backpacks, notebooks, pens, etc.  As adults, we can also use this time to evaluate our equipment.  Is our current equipment serving our needs?  Is it broken or outdated?  Could upgrades to our equipment help us be more efficient with our time?  I hear the average length of time of computer ownership before replacement is about 3 – 4 years.  Why so quick?  The advances in technology are happening so quickly that the information we are accessing on our computers takes more energy to run.  We are also asking our computers to do more multitasking.  The most common definition of multitasking relates to a computers ability to handle more than one task at a time.  How many windows do you have open right now?  How many apps do you have open?  We are asking our equipment to do more than we have in the past.  Sometimes an upgrade to our equipment helps us handle the tasks we are asking of it more efficiently.  When computers first became popular, it was thought that it was the start of the end of paper.  We now know that is far from the truth.  However, we now have the ability to scan documents wirelessly and store the information in the cloud.  Perhaps our thinking was ahead of its time when computers first became popular 20+ years ago.  We can now run a paperless office by scanning information and using cloud based storage.  Evaluate your equipment.  Is it time for an upgrade?  Tip: Check online for back to school sales.  Many electronics and computer manufacturers run back to school specials on their equipment.

      5. Get back to routines.

        Summer is a time where things tend to me a little more laid back.  Less routine.  Been slacking off from exercise?  Either get up before the kids and workout or go on a walk straight from the bus stop.  Make a time to menu plan.  By having menus designed for the whole week, you avoid make unnecessary trips to the grocery store.  Create a consistent bed time.  This helps both adults and children.

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